The City of Bellevue has contracted with Integrity Permits, LLC, for the processing of hauling permit requests to move oversize/overweight vehicles and loads on roadways under the jurisdiction of the city.

Haulers should note that oversize/overweight hauling permits issued by the State of Ohio (ODOT) do not authorize movement on city roadways.

This permitting process will allow for the timely acquisition of hauling permits required for the lawful movement of Oversize and/or Overweight vehicles and loads on city roadways.

We encourage companies to pre-plan and obtain the necessary hauling permits by contacting Integrity Permits at 740-994-1844 or 740-994-1845 or by visiting:

The City of Bellevue’s electric aggregation program was approved in December 2010. As part of the program, residents and small businesses in the community are receiving guaranteed savings on their electric bills from Energy Harbor, the community’s exclusive electric generation supplier. Regardless of whether the utility’s generation rates increase or decrease, you are guaranteed to save money through this program.

Sirens are tested the first Monday of each month at noon

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